Life. The way it should be. And make the money you should be making!


- Jahan Hadi, Upgrade Profits CEO

We know, We have an Insane Affiliate Program.

Our insane affiliate program offers the perfect opportunity for you to build your own business and become a successful millionaire. You'll be able to generate huge profits by recruiting other affiliates into our system, so what are you waiting for? Hurry up now before it's too late!

We have a Huge List of benefits that just keep Stacking! We don't limit your rewards or what bonus tier you can achieve!


Our Millionaire Lifestyle Affiliate Program helps you build the dream life you have ALWAYS wanted! We want to make sure that every moment of your life is "unforgettable." Because you deserve it!

How does it work?

Let's make your dream life a reality!

“The excitement starts at just 75 qualifying Premium accounts”

Just think about it, you wake up and walk out in your garage or driveway, and sitting there is the vehicle of your dream!

You turn around and you are living in the house of your dreams.

You can get a free car and you can get a free house. It's the dream millionaire lifestyle! Just think about it, your family is excited to be living in this beautiful home that they always wanted! Your kids are going to school here, and everyone knows how happy they are because of what you did for them - giving them this dream life!

- You can get free cars and houses, enjoy your dream millionaire lifestyle.

- Your family is happy because of what you did for them - to give them the dream life they always wanted.

- Your dream life is here in the beautiful neighborhood everyone envies.

This is what you always wanted to give them. This was always a dream of yours - making their lives and your life better by giving them everything they ever wanted. And now that's all ready for you to take, make the shift and change your life today!

Make your dream life a reality!

As a member of the Upgrade Profits affiliate program, you’re automatically entered into the Millionaire Dream Lifestyle Program, so you don’t need to do anything extra to be involved.

Each month as new account signs up using your affiliate link, you’ll get closer and closer to earning your Millionaire Dream Lifestyle!

How amazing does this sound?

The Upgrade Profits Affiliate Program relies on browser cookies, which can be blocked by sign-ups using Incognito Mode or pop-up blockers. This makes it important to:

• Explain to your potential affiliate that your link needs to be at the very end of clicking before signing up for an account

• Monitor your affiliate account frequently and notify support right away if you don't see someone who should have registered under you so we can fix it.

Millionaire Reward Tiers: Finally Get the car and house that you always dream of!

Tier 1:



Fast and sexy, or smooth and luxurious!

The choice is yours!

  • 75 Active "Premium" Upgrade Profits Software accounts = $1,000/month towards ANY vehicle you want Plus 7500$ of down payment paid by us!

Tier 2:


Super Speed!

Is "Speed" not enough for you? Take it up a step! Get an even faster and more luxurious car! Make your dreams a reality!

  • 150 Active "Premium" Upgrade Profits Software accounts = $2,000/month towards ANY vehicle you want Plus 15,000$ of down payment paid by us!

Tier 3:

Millionaire House!

Yes, we are serious! We will pay for your millionaire dream house!

  • 300 Active "Premium" Upgrade Profits Software accounts = $4,000/month towards ANY house you want Plus 30,000$ of the down payment paid by us!

Tier 4:

Millionaire House & Super Speed!

You want all of it you say? Then get everything you dream of and SO MUCH MORE, you DESERVE IT! So take it all!

  • 500 Active "Premium" Upgrade Profits Software accounts = $8,000/month towards ANY house you want Plus 50,000$ of the down payment paid by us!

Are you ready to have the life you have always wanted?

  • We will pay you for your car, House, Or Both! AND Pay you for your affiliate rewards. No need to pick a tier reward or an affiliate payment you get both! Dream big and Make more then you could ever imagine and get ready to finally change your life for the better! For once and for all!

  • You will receive 30% on EVERY SINGLE Upgrade Profits Software As A Service Sale! This payment is Reoccurring Every single month for a full year for EVERY customer you bring through your affiliate account as long as they keep their account!

  • Your Affiliate "Team" (Or any affiliate signed up under you) will also receive 30% on every active customer they keep. PLUS you get another 5% of every sale they keep active as well!

  • Your payments are for EVERY Single Sale you get with NO CAP!

  • When you hit the Rewards Tiers simply notify our support team and we will pay you for the rewards tier that you have earned! Yes we will really pay for your exotic car or house, This is a true millionaire Lifestyle experience! As long as you keep the required active customers you will be paid your rewards non stop, every single month!

How do I become an affiliate if I'm not already one?

Sign up to become an affiliate at:

When does the program start and end?

October 15th, 2021 is the official start date of the program. You can qualify as soon as the program launches. There is currently no end date, and even if the program ends in the future if you qualified for a specific offer that you get the bonus for, that bonus will continue throughout the entire time you keep those active customers in your affiliate account.

What defines a qualifying Upgrade Profits Premium Account?

Any customer that pays for an Upgrade Profits Premium account counts as a qualifying Upgrade Profits Premium Account.

How are Tier rewards claims processed?

Please contact the UpgradeProfits Affiliate Team once you reach your qualifying bonus rewards.

What is required to claim a vehicle or house? And what vehicles and homes are covered in the rewards program?

Please provide a copy of the invoice sticker and a purchase/lease agreement for cars. Or the Purchase/lease agreement of a home once you are approved.

These agreements and proof must be sent to our Upgrade Profits Affiliate team to get the reward approved. Once approved the UpgradeProfits Affiliate team will pay the appropriate bonus payout for the reward tier applicable. We may request additional information and proof of account ownership to make sure it is actually you that we are paying out to as the affiliate account owner.

For vehicles and homes, that will be allowed as a reward, there is no disallowed vehicles or homes. The amount you receive towards your car or house is dependent on your tier reward not on what we do or don't like. It's your dream, so make your dream life a reality!

Will Upgrade Profits cover the initiation costs for lease/purchase a vehicle or home?

Yes the Bonuses are in addition to any other commission, bonus or payment you are eligible to receive.

and the amount of initial payment or initiation costs for vehicles or homes are dependent on your applicable tier. Those details are available above.

What happens if I don't qualify for the same reward tier the following month?

You will be fully responsible for the financial obligation of the payment that month. However any months after that once you qualify, you may reapply to the tier that you are eligible for again!

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